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At Dave's Domestic Hedgehogs it is important to us that your new hedgehog has a safe and comfortable cage to live in.  Wire cages are not good for hedgehogs. They do best in TUB cages.  Our cages are built with safty and efficiency in min d!  They are escape-proof, easy to clean, and have most everything the pet needs.
\Here are the details ojn the cages we sell, and what is included in the starter kit that comes with it.

The Heated Habitat with starter kit

sells for $125.00!

What is included with the

Heated Habitat and Starter Kit?

Assembled cage size is 29’ wide x 14 high x 14 deep’


The Habitat include all of the following:

Large tote for main habitat.  Tote is 67 quart size.


Small tote for sleeping box. Hand Painted black for privacy.


Digital electronic Thermostat installed and wired carefully onto the cage.  Pre-programed to keep Hedgie safe and 73-76 degrees at all times.  Easy to read Digital readout. All wires are carefully secured to the cage.  


Heat lamp connected to the thermostat and hung over the sleeping box to keep the sleeping box heated at all times. The main section of the habitat will be room temperature and hedgie can decide which side to be on.


Heat emitting bulb.  Low-wattage and just enough to keep the sleeping box warm.


Food cup is fastened to the cage so it cannot be spilled or knocked over.


Drip water bottle is hung on the outside of the cage and poking through so it cannot be knocked over.


Running wheel.  A very silent wheel fashioned after the Carolina Storm wheel.  I use ball bearings to keep the motion smooth and quiet.  The wheel can be adjusted to two height settings.


Kitty litter pan to go under the wheel and catch droppings to help with Litter Box training.





PVC pipe to connect the two bins.  Hand pained black.


A sample of Purina One Kitten Chow Healthy Kitten Formula.


A small bag of non-clumping Kitty Litter.


A tooth brush to clean hedgies feet (not his teeth)!


A SNUGGLE SACK!  A soft cloth pouch to carry hedgie around in.


4 pages of Hedgie Instructions!




*  When purchasing your heated habitat please remember to purchase a set of Custom Fleece Cage Liners as well.  They sell for $50 but you only need one set, and you never have to use chips in your cage.  Just the liner which gets washed weekly.  I have many cute fabrics to choose from and they custom-fit the cages!

Small Running Title

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